Saturday, October 6, 2012

For Which Time Is Responsible ~

Column One:

When treasured words flow
In rivers of meaning

Through the Edens of our empathy,
Oceans of association
Embrace the scattered continents of their comforting messages.

When filtered phrases formulate
In schools of thought
Where letters align with sequences of numbers,
Plains of simplicity
Protect the natural dwellings of their temporal impressions.

When complicated ideas rotate
In worlds of mine
While making sense in spite of friction,
Cliffs of understanding
Define the textured coastlines of their moral gravity.

When productive technologies are shown
In windows of opportunity
Which open with scriptural authority,
Panoramas of insight
Expand the fickle beaches of their imaginative design.

When valuable experiences balance
In moments of poise
Forming exponential sums that square themselves in symmetry,
Mountains of faith
Inspire the identified summits of their patient fulcrums.

When weary souls grieve
In exile from innocence
With harmful armies in control,
Gardens of fatigue
Dull the broken landscapes of their aching hearts.

When musing poets enthuse
In forests of personification
Giving life and breath to language,
Gems of discovery
Enrich the ambient poverty of their radical intrigues.

Column Two:
When egotistical intellects swell
In paradigms of pride

Amongst the achievements of our populace,
Javelins of jealousy
Threaten the perceived opponents of their conceited vanities.

When wicked nations fornicate
In havens of harlotry
Where the foulest of demons are held,
Abominations of Babylon
Confuse the intoxicating apostasies of their unfaithful whoring.

When dark forces race
In pursuit of greatness
At the zenith of all realities,
Angels of Light
Fight the unrighteous authority of their evil nature.

When false confessions flourish
In networks of denial
Across the generations of cathartic fabrications,
Cults of humanism
Profane the sacred essence of their truthful antitheses.

When Jesus Christ rules
In evidence of victory
As the Lord and Saviour of all mankind,
Lives of perfection
Grace the entire sentience of His eternal Kingdom.  

When all sorceries converge
In concentrations of perversity
Upon the matrix of their intense attentions,
Minds of wisdom
Calculate the alphaparallel metathesis of their terminal compounds.

When storm clouds gather
In skys of polarity
Over the initiatives of evil,
Augmentations of indignation
Unleash the executive vengeance of their Divine manifestation.

Column Three:
When royal hearts beat
In transports of unison

With the pulsing of public opinion,
Algorithms of ease
Enable the covariant configuration of their parallel purpose.

When maddening circumstances fulminate
In congregations of craziness
All around the world,
Mists of insanity
Shroud the hidden source of their unwelcome emanations.

When satanically empowered beasts appear
In fulfilments of prophecy
Which metaphorically warn of corrupt human empire-building,
Delusions of grandeur
Turn the terrible turbines of their predatory instincts.

When subjugated administrators regulate 
In regimes of repression
Under the occult auspices of strange secret societies,
Tyrannies of tension
Antagonise the tired politics of their weakened wills.

When obedient saints persevere
In times of tribulation
Through wearisome wars and heartbreaking horrors,
Songs of praise
Lift the sacrificial heaviness of their spiritual services.

When fiery darts fly
In trajectories of annihilation
To reach impact zones where saints of God stand firm,
Shields of faith
Quench the futile flames of their ineffectual pitch.

When local planets orbit
In synchronicity of motion
Around the distant diameter of the brilliant sun,
Citizens of Earth
Explore the constitutional climes of their closeness and search for signs of life.

Column Four:
When entry codes deploy
In files of equality

As factorial concatenating sequential rhythms,
Principles of ingenuity
Delight the private galaxies of their recreational numeracy.

When precious thoughts circulate
In pools of genius
Away from the hostile ploys of annoying rivals,
Aquifers of affirmation
Hydrate the evergreen oasis of their growing potential.

When powerful delusions feast
In fields of fantasy
On the desirable flavours of fictional beliefs,
Inconsistencies of indoctrination
Corrode the corporeal presence of their internal weakness.

When favourite feelings effervesce
In streams of consciousness
Expressing the excited eagerness of their synthesised enthusiasm,
Tributaries of awareness
Conduct the emotive currents of their frivolous foaming.

When false prophecies proliferate
In labyrinths of invention
Away from the meritorious restraints of sound doctrine,
Multitudes of consumers
Flock to the noisome pestilence of their merchandising entanglements.

When judgemental attitudes concentrate
In colonies of criticism
To denigrate, disappoint, and depress whomever,
Prayers of  supplication
Combat the harsh offensiveness of their demoralising malice.

When extreme difficulties climax
In pinnacles of paranoia
That threaten to destabilise normally healthy minds,
Units of improvisation
Dissolve the intellectual intensity of their psychological urgency.

Column Five:
When kind actions cascade
In waterfalls of mercy

Over the Niagras of our compassion,
Lakes of appreciation
Federate the generous blessings of their gratifying benevolence.

When worldly ways contrive
In thoroughfares of conscience
To collide with the spiritual values of heavenly wisdom,
Refinements of resilience
Absorb the conspicuous controversies of their direct encroachments.

When abstract diplomacies glide
In flightpaths of intercession
Over the frustrated factions of global society,
Zephyrs of holiness
Bless the tactful negotiations of their attempted mediations.

When powerful passions peak
In waves of emotion
That parallel the rise and fall of great expectations,
Crests of cathexis
Collapse the propagated displacement of their energetic forces.

When earthly pleasures entertain
In overtures of indulgence
Sweetly orchestrated to seduce unwary adventurers,
Carnivals of amusement
Occupy the vacant senses of their enthralled masses.

When weighty disappointments amalgamate
In burdens of despair
Selfishly demanding to be carried everywhere,
Templates of destiny
Format the cruel designs of their influential share.

When painful realities persist 
In precincts of punishment         
Policed by principalities and powers of darkness,               
Strategies of aversion   
Repulse the abject bitterness of their severe deprivations.

Column Six:
When ruinous idols infatuate
In strongholds of deception       

Built on lies and fortified with pride,
Chains of bondage
Shackle the enslaved hearts of their unholy worshippers.

When three sevens feature     
In gematriot of significance        

With strong biblical foundations,               
Tiers of value               
Promote the holistic concord of their given parts.

When marital intimacies wane  
In phases of rejection   

Reflecting distances of affection,              
Difficulties of isolation              
Surround the punishing frustrations of their painful suppressions.

When suggested solutions fail  
In economies of scale   

Exposing cognitive inefficiencies amongst mistaken group managers,           
Markets of welfare        
Allocate the beneficial resources of their remedial alternatives.

When social stigmas spread
In attachments of disregard       

Heavily branded by typecasting power-brokers,               
Ballots of ostracism        
Support the unreciprocating currencies of their conventional deflations.
When irksome bickerings amass              
In halls of harassment   

To feed on fallen flesh,  
Altars of appeasement               
Modify the belligerent contradictions of their disrespectful peckings.

When religious anomalies annoy             
In hotbeds of hypocrisy

Fueled by false holiness,               
Pressures of intensity               
Trouble the cosmic crucibles of their contaminated promotions.

Column Seven:
When graphic grapplings grow
In vineyards of versatility

Turning complex conflicts into comprehensive clusters,
Enzymes of mediation
Accelerate the catabolic fermentation of their ripened vintage.

When appealing assets aggregate           
In orchards of organisation         

Combining machines, equipment, tools and labour with expertise,    
Receptacles of productivity        
Allow the responsible utilisation of their satisfying attributes.

When masonic conspiracies figure          
In equations of speculation        

Typically symbolising their syndicated arrays,               
Equilibriums of extraction           
Purge the sanctified elect of their deadly crafts.

When mental illnesses invade   
In conditions of complexity        

Accompanied by multiple determining factors,               
States of schizophrenia
Unite the intricate confabulations of their great manifestations.

When political figures emerge  
In levels of leadership   

Meanly layered with cruel and fraudulent rankings,               
Visions of openness      
Uncover the corrupt charismata of their compelling personalities.

When media images arrive         
In revelations of madness           

At the Armageddons of our arguing,       
Patents of apocalypse        
Confirm the worst fears of their production agencies.

When anticipated consequences ensue               
In realms of possibility 
Moving In Constant Harmony Along Expected Lines,     
Domains of probability 
Host the variable frequencies of their spiral curvatures.

© Michael Coldham-Fussell.


  1. My impressionistic commentary on the preceding work.

    Reams of reflection resound in waves that span oceans of experience gathered to frothy heights of tumultuous truth crashed against promontory shores of stone clad ignorance, washed to sand beneath it's gentle tide.

  2. A well thought comment, Kirkn stein.
    Is time responsible for its consequences?